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When electrified, the solid body of a guitar resonates with sound and energy. So, too, the human body. The waves of sound emanating from an electric guitar have been shown to calm the nervous system and balance the subtle body, while creating a collective resonance that connects you to other bodies in the room, not unlike the feeling you get at a concert.

Experience a dynamic sound bath unlike any other in this unique yoga and live music collaboration. Maria Rosner will guide you to move and flow in concert with the ambient sounds of Ken Rose’s electrified guitar. This amplified vinyasa flow experience will transport you into an elevated and joyful level of consciousness as you move into the weekend.

​When Maria Rosner isn’t on her mat or teaching yoga, she’s likely at a concert or music festival. She knows firsthand about the potency of the live music experience, especially when electric guitars are involved. Her unlikely collaboration with Ken Rose came about when he noticed her front-row photos on Instagram (from a show with his current band, Hero Jr.). Along with their lifelong passion for music, Maria and Ken found out they were equally passionate about yoga. “Electric Flow Yoga” was conceived when Ken asked Maria to “beta-test” some ambient music he was composing for yoga…and Maria suggested they test it out live instead.

California native Ken Rose has been a working songwriter, producer and touring/studio musician since he was 16 years old. In 1986 Ken moved to Germany where he was signed to Warner Music International as a staff songwriter and producer. In addition to Warner Music, Ken has held long-term staff-writing positions at EMI Music, BMG Music, Famous Music Corp. and Sony / ATV. Ken began working in London in 1998 and moved into his North London studio at Livingston in 2003 where he produced numerous records and ran artist development for his record label. In 2007-2008, Ken was Marianne Faithfull’s guitarist on TheSongs Of Innocence and Experience world tour. In 2012 Ken returned to America to join his band Hero Jr. and has been on the road playing over 700 shows in the last 7 years.  Ken is experienced in all styles of music, specializing in outside-the-box / emotional approaches to blues, experimental instrumental, and rock, and in all genres as a songwriter, producer and arranger.  Ken has been a Reiki master/teacher since 2003.  Ken's newest yoga/meditation album, "A Minute To Breathe" will be released 8.27.2019.

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